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Forensic Services

Does your money disappear from your business? Or your property? Does the company not achieve the expected economic results? I’m ready to help. Especially when you invested your money into the business in Czech Republic. I’m here to help you to protect your investments in Czech market.

In a turbulent market environment, companies are facing plenty of threats. Whether they are the various frauds between business partners, frauds between employees and employers, misrepresentation of financial statements, breach of trust, trading of related parties with prices at spot and time unusual, suspicious links and structures between companies, hidden ownership structures, embezzlement, bribes, non-standard practices in public contracts, suspicious management links to other companies and plenty of other unethical, unfair and often illegal activities that threaten businesses to finance, reputation, business name, and above all … to life.

What can I offer you?

  • many years of experiences with white-collar crimes, forensic services, forensic analyses, investigations, relationship analyses, business management analyses, supplier-customer relationships, crisis management, etc.,
  • independent, disinterested and effective (in relations to results, course and costs) investigation of negative events (whether it is a mere suspicion or proven activity),
  • independent and objective quantification of the damage or influence on the economic result in a causal relationship with analyzed negative event,
  • qualified help and support in dispute resolution (from informal gatherings to trials and arbitrations),
  • experiences, knowledges, skills and qualifications of the court appointed expert witness with the broadest privilege for assessing corporate governance in Czech Republic and with strong focus on solving white-collar crimes.

What I have already done?

  • in the Pilsen region, I proved that the CEO stole over CZK 32,000,000 from the company through the companies of his family (the case ended in civil proceedings),
  • at a company in southern Bohemia, I proved that the executive stole over six million Czech crowns from the company through his acquaintances, friends and relatives (the case ended in both civil and criminal proceedings),
  • at a company in central Bohemia, I proved that before the selling the company to a new owner, the original owner stole several million crowns out of the company through the controlled and controlling entities using billing for extremely unusual prices,
  • in the Pilsen region, I proved that the Public Procurement Act is a binding legal document and its ignoring by the mayor is not a very good idea and that the joy of such “earned” money does not last long,
  • I revealed for police department the link of white-collar crime in the region of North Moravia with the legalization of the profit of this crime in North Bohemia,
  • and many others.

According to a survey conducted by PwC, one third of Czech companies have had experiences with economic crimes in the last two years. On a global scale, it is almost half of all firms surveyed. (PwC’s Global Economic Crime and Fraud Survey 2018)

So think twice before you say that it won’t happen to you. And if it already has happened or you have some suspicion that it is going to happen, call me, I’m here for you.