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Advisory and Interim Management

Is your business bothered by common operational problems? Do you need to optimize costs, negotiate better contract conditions, reduce working capital, improve debt recovery, re-process processes to make your business work more efficiently? Looking for a manager (CEO, CFO, crisis) to stand up to cover your current business needs?

So do not hesitate and contact me.

I deal with business management, especially financial and crisis management in trouble when I draw from my experience that I have gained as an expert witness and forensic analyst. Is it a cliché? Sure it is.

I can honestly say that I’ve seen so much negative in my life, what can happen to businesses that I know what to do to prevent it from happening to you. I have seen stealing employees, cheating business partners, I was in companies where before the invoice was cashed, it was forgotten which one it was. I was in a company that consistently applied the 5S method to maintain the workplace, and when the employee left the drawer open, the manager got a tick in the eye that he could trip and injure himself. Who cares that the company had about 2,000 commercial contracts concluded, of which 2/3 were not valid. And so I could go on forever.

So many bankruptcies have gone through my hands, so many businesses that have been hurt by one of the CEOs, some of the business partners, the employees, that I know what to do to your won’t be the next.

Maybe you’re still saying why he and not someone else? After all, counselors and interim managers are able to paper with them.

It is, that’s true. But just few of them have two round stamps with two different national emblems that they really understand what they do. And just few of them have accumulated so much experiences about how bad it can turn out and what leads to those bad ends just because of the round stamp.

I’ll be glad if your story ends in good. And I can help you with that.