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Expert activity

I am an expert appointed by decision of the President of the Regional Court in Pilsen under ref. Spr 250/2012 for the basic field of Economics, aimed at

In Czech Republic not only the courts and police departments are able to hire the expert witnesses. Also anybody who is directly involved is able to do that and court and police departments shall approach to that expert testimony as it is the evidence.


I am the only expert in the Czech Republic with such a wide range for the assessment of corporate governance, where in addition to accounting (and only in deeper terms, because management accounting and financial statements also fall into my competences) and tax issues, I can basically assess everything in companies, what is related to their existence and operation within the Czech market.


With such a wide range and the fact that I have been intensively engaged in forensic services for years, detection of frauds, financial evasions, misrepresentation of economic data, breach of trust etc., I began to provide expert activity in the field of economic crimes relatively soon after my appointment. I am one of the very few experts, if not the only one, who specifically focuses on this area. My help is used by the Departments of White-collar Crimes of the Police of Czech Republic in the whole country.


What is important – I’m not an expert aimed at Prices and Estimates. So I am one of the only 5% of experts in the basic field of Economics, who do not have this branch and so I can not provide an opinion in determining the so-called usual price in time and place (with the exception of price reviews in commercial contracts, where you can learn more here).


I am able to provide expert witness services throughout the whole Czech Republic.


All of my statements are accompanied by a clause within the meaning of Section 127a of the Code of Civil Procedure and Section 110a of the Code of Criminal Procedure and are therefore feasible as the evidence.