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The amount of money you have now available and in the future you want to have in the worst case the same amount of money or, in the best case, the amount of money significantly higher.

In term of investment, most people recall stocks, bonds, real estate. However, we can include mutual funds, investment derivatives, commodities, works of art, but recently also investment alcohol, etc. The list would be very long. The investment is simply everything that we can reasonably expect to see increase in value in the future, or that it will be worth more to us than the money invested. From the point of view of the company, the investment is also a new production line, a new employee, a new vehicle, a new information system, etc. and from the point of view of a natural person we can talk about a house, an apartment, a car, a cottage and another almost endless number of things.

For investments of any kind and to any extent, there is always an investment risk. There is always a risk that something will fail, the stock will lose value, the alcohol investment bottle will break or guests will be mistaken for the one at the bar, the house will burn, the car will crash, the line will stop producing. And this could be continued. We have to think that as a rule, the higher the return the investment has, the higher the risk it brings.

We can then divide and analyze these risks. Common risks of current investments include market, interest, currency, inflation, etc. What is the risk of buying a house? Fire, flood, tenants… What is the risk of buying a new production line? The lack of interest of consumers, failure, fire in the production hall, etc.

Therefore, it is necessary to pay close attention to investments, identify risks, try to eliminate them, or at least reduce their impact and carefully evaluate each such investment.

As a court-appointed expert, I mostly deal with

  • assessing the effectiveness of investment projects and
  • risk assessment of investment projects.

I help with identifying suitable investment projects and also help where investment has failed and losses have occurred.

A separate chapter is the protection of foreign investments within the Czech Republic. I help foreign companies that open or opened their branches by us, invest their money, buy shares in Czech companies to not to lose their money. And if they have already lost them, to find justice and to minimize their loss in any judicial or extrajudicial proceedings.