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There’s not much of us. Specifically, there are six of us in the whole country. Six court appointed experts for Rationalization in the whole Czech Republic. What’s that rationalization?

For me, this is the second most important of my competency. It closely follows and intertwines with the management, planning and organization of the economy and is more focused on the rationalization changes of management and economic processes in the Corporate Governance.

This part mainly includes optimization of company costs, reorganization of the company, crisis management of a company in difficulties, etc.

So what can I do for you? I have the highest qualification for crisis management of a company in difficulties – a state-guaranteed qualification, a state-backed seal. If your business gets in trouble, I can help. Similarly, I can help you if your company through a previous crisis manager got into even deeper trouble than where it was before.

Of course this part of my job contains cost optimization, which has always been part of every successful company.

And what about reorganization? In general, reorganization can be seen as a transformation within the Corporate Governance for the purpose of being better. In order to increase competitiveness, improve market positioning, increase attractiveness for customers (eg due to acceleration of distribution channels, etc.), etc. We usually call this reorganization restructuring and I can help you with it.

We see the reorganization also as one of the solutions of the debtor’s bankruptcy, in which the debtor’s obligations are continuously met while maintaining his business. This is done on the basis of a reorganization plan, which must be approved by the insolvency court, where the performance of this plan is usually checked by creditors. And I can elaborate such a reorganization plan for you, or I can assess, within the framework of an expert examination, whether the presented reorganization plan is realistic and whether it fulfill what the creditors, debtor and insolvency court expect of it.